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United Tribes of North Carolina (UTNC) Board of Directors would like to thank you for your interest and support. We are excited to announce that we are revitalizing several components of the 2024 Unity Conference. UTNC objectives are to:


  1. Increase awareness of American Indian issues

  2. Provide a forum to develop strategies to address challenges faced by American Indians in NC

  3. Celebrate the traditional and contemporary history of American Indians in NC

  4. Promote resources and opportunities beneficial to our state's American Indian population

  5. Reclaim our heritage


How do we achieve those objectives? In part, with a conference that would not be possible without your participation, attendance, and support!


UTNC, established in 1975, has seen many notable events and changes over the past 48 years. Our goal is to improve the Unity conference to keep up with the times, engage our audience, and provide resources and information on state- and national-level topics.


Here are some of the updates to our 2024 Unity conference:


  • The 2024 Unity conference will be held at the Hilton Charlotte University Place, 8629 J M Keynes Dr, Charlotte, NC 28262. We look forward to gathering at this beautiful and spacious site. 

  • Conference registration is streamlined. The new online registration is simpler and faster than our old paper registration. Register at You may complete individual or multiple registrations, make one payment online for all registered, or mail a check. We no longer accept paper registrations.

  • New this year: name tags for conference registrants will identify events purchased. This eliminates the need for tickets for Friday evening’s banquet or for Saturday’s breakfast and awards session. No tickets. Make sure to register and wear your name tag for admission to conference events!

  • We are bringing back the Unity Conference Dance night! It will be held Friday night after the banquet. Come and get your boogie on. Alcohol and drugs prohibited.

  • The Cultural Exchange/Powwow is a FREE public event that will be held on Saturday, March 9th, 1:00-4:00 pm. Stay and enjoy language, flute music and storytelling in addition to traditional powwow events showcasing youth talent.

  • United Tribes is designing a new website with friendlier navigation. Check us out for all your conference forms and information:

  • The Miss Indian North Carolina Pageant will be held on February 10th, 2024 at the Sampson County Exposition Center in Clinton, NC. The winner will be North Carolina’s official representative for all the state- and federally-recognized North Carolina tribes and Indian urban organizations. The pageant is open to the public. Come out and bring your friends to see what these strong American Indian women are all about.



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