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Welcome to United Tribes of North Carolina

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Our Mission

United Tribes of North Carolina's mission is to promote educational, economic, religious, charitable, and cultural activities for American Indian people. We are a 501(c) 3 nonprofit corporation established in 1982 to provide greater coordination and unity among American Indian state tribes and organizations of the State of North Carolina.  

Who we support

United Tribes of North Carolina activities include the sponsorship of the annual North Carolina Indian Unity Conference and the annual Miss Indian North Carolina Pageant. We provide support as needed to the North Carolina Senior Citizen Coalition, the North Carolina Native American Youth Organization, and the North Carolina Native American Council on Higher Education.  UTNC coordinates the production of the annual North Carolina Indian Heritage Month poster, and provides scholarships to outstanding American Indian students.

What we do

Unity conference each year to bring American Indians together. Which the conference includes General Assemble with special speakers,Variety of workshop throughout the conference. Gospel Singing, Hospitality hour, Banquet, Present community awards to outstanding individuals in the North Carolina American Indian communities, Breakfast & Awards. Present a Cultural Exchange Pow Wow.

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