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2024 Writing Contest Winners

All entries were in the 11-14 age group

1st:   Janna Oxendine         Lumbee Tribe

2nd    Isabella Hammonds   Lumbee Tribe

3rd Three way Tie

       Jameson Revels           Lumbee Tribe

       Kara Locklear               Lumbee Tribe

       Madison Chadwick        Lumbee Tribe

                             Quilting Winners

Print and Stitch

1st Matthew Carter               Coharie      Prize=$100.00

2nd Alpha Bryant                  Coharie      Prize=$75.00

3rd Greg Jacobs                   Coharie      Prize=$50.00

Piece and Stitch

1st Darrell and Lisa Carter    Coharie      Prize =$100.00

2nd Shelia Wilson                 Sappony     Prize =$75.00

3rd Sarah Davis                    Coharie      Prize =$50.00


20 years and Older                

1st Janice Epps                      Sappony     Prize =$100.00

2nd Uncle Everette                 Waccamaw Prize =$75.00

3rd Vickie Newton                   Coharie      Prize =$50.00

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