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2024 Unity Conference Scholarship Awards

Future Native American Leaders Scholarship

Sponsored by: Corbin & Misha Eddings (Lumbee)

Presented to: Erika B. Lambert (Lumbee)


Chief "Jessie" and Bertha Richardson(Haliwa-Saponi)

Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by Greg Richardson (Haliwa-Saponi)

Presented to: Niyah Locklear (Lumbee)

Ernest Sylvester "E.S" Jacobs (Waccamaw Siouan)

Sponsored by: The Family of Mr. Jacobs

Presented to: Jace Alexander Jacobs (Lumbee)

Chief Gabriel Renville (Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate Sioux)

Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by: Kerry Bird (Lumbee/Sisseton-Wahpeton)

Presented to: Chloe Hammonds (Lumbee)

Jacob Collin Moore (Waccamaw-Siouan/Lumbee)

Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by: JD,Kim and Kara Moore (Waccamaw-Siouan/Lumbee

Presented to: Anyessia Mains (Lumbee)

Dominion Energy Scholarship

Sponsored by: Ken Costello, Dominion Energy

Presented to: Emma Locklear (Lumbee),

Kenleigh Freeman (Lumbee),

Tomya Lacole Hunt (Lumbee)

Camree Cummings (Lumbee)

Kohnner Oxendine (lumbee)

Mrs Marcella Green Jacobs (Waccamaw-Siouan)

Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by: Tonya and Travis Jacobs, T&C Services

Presented to: Sidney Rogers (Lumbee)

Triangle Native American Society

Sponsored by: The Board of Directors: Wanda B. Ramsey,   Ryan Dial, Mary Oxendine, Gwen Locklear, Brandi Locklear, and Danny Bell

Presented to: Hailey Harrison (Lumbee)

Percy Richardson (Haliwa-Saponi) Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by; Shirley Ann and Alonza J. Richardson


Presented to: Christopher Evans (Haliwa-Saponi),

Lakhota Robinson (Lumbee) & Benjamin Lowery

Rev. Simeon F and Mrs. Maude Cummings (Lumbee)

Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by: Dr. Robin Cummings and Family (Lumbee)

Presented to: Meya Leonard (Lumbee)



Normie and Aileen Holmes (Lumbee)

Education Equity Scholarship

Sponsored by: Dr. Olivia Holmes Oxendine

Presented to: Nakoma O'Bryan Scott (Lumbee)

Gervais Oxendine (Lumbee) Memorial Scholarship

for Science and Mathematics

Sponsored by: Olivia Holmes Oxendine (Lumbee)

Presented to Kristen Hannah Locklear (Lumbee)

Haynes Almond(Sr.) and Mary Allean Mitchell Graham

(Waccamaw-Siouan) Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by: Leslie, Haynes Jr.,Josephine G Spaulding

Presented to: Marissa Jones (Waccamaw Siouan)

James and Roberta Mitchell (Waccamaw-Siouan)

Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by: Their Children: Ricky, Jeffery, Sanford, Timothy, Terry, Michell and Fay M. Moore

Presented to" Makayla Carter (Waccamaw Siouan)

Chief WR Richardson (Haliwa-Saponi)

Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by: Haliwa-Saponi Tribe

Presented to: Kaylee Diona Lynch (Haliwa-Saponi)

Rev. Hilton Deese (Lumbee) Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by: Rev Gary Deese (Lumbee)

Presented to: Drew Bradley Allen (Lumbee)

Lumbee Tribal Council Academic Scholarship.

Sponsored by: Ricky Burnett, Corbin Eddings, Pam Hunt, Sharon Hunt, Larry Chavis, Dewey McNeill, Dr. Reginald Oxendine.

Presented to: Jordyn Lowery (Lumbee)

Waccamaw Siouan Tribe Scholarship

Sponsored by: Waccamaw Siouan Tribe

Presented to: Cadence LeAnn Jacobs (Waccamaw Siouan)

Waccamaw Siouan Tribe STEM Program

Sponsored by: Ashley Patrick Lomboy

Presented to: Kaleigh Chavis (Lumbee)

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